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Speed rent a car - Konstantinos Kalfakis & Sia E.E.

For sale business dealing with car rentals and sales as a whole or share of any portion that you like and with up to 3 job positions if you buy at least 20% (if you own no other business you are entitled to a subsidy by the Greek government).
We have three shops available, two of them are located on the most central street of Hania(105-91Halidon st.) and the third is a big shop 3 km away which is a station for renting, selling, maintaining and storing the mobile and immobile products which are managed by our company whose trade name is Konstantinos Kalfakis and Co. with the title Speed Rent a Car. The name SPEED offers us a large clientele because it is a name with extensive use.

Our company has an annual revenue of about 400000(four hundred thousand) euros, a permanent clientele because of a 25 year continuous uninterrupted operation, operates all through the year, deals mostly with Greek business representatives, rents cars to offices in the public sector in various places all over Greece with long term leases and has branches in many places in Greece. It has the capability to operate five vehicles with a driver (as a taxi). It achieves a high revenue from the sale and purchase of vehicles at very low prices. It can also expand to similar business activities such as Parking facilities, advertising on vehicles and generally can expand to any business pertaining to land vehicles with two, three or four wheels.

The purchase of a share in our company and the acquisition of a permanent employment position can be achieved by buying at the beginning 10% of the company with the potential to purchase a lager portion in the future. If you want, by working in our company, you can get personal experience of its income, its clientele, the way it operates, its potential for expansion etc. The minimum share that can be bought is 5% of the company for the amount of about 40000(forty thousand) euros. This share comes with a permanent employment position.